"Discover A New Special Forces Fitness Challenge That Can Make You Look And Feel Leaner, Stronger, And Faster"

This new Special Forces fitness challenge will get you results if you’re man or woman enough to take the challenge

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Everyone wants a Lean, Strong Body.

It’s no secret that you get noticed and you feel desired.


Why do so many people struggle with some of these challenges…

  • Challenge #1 – They lack the knowledge that will get them the results that they want
  • Challenge #2 – Most of the fitness programs out there take huge time investments. Who has the time for hours in the gym
  • Challenge #3 – Cost. You can get great results from a personal trainer if you’re willing to hire a professional at $75 per hour and up.

Ready for the solution?

This Special Forces Training program will get you the results you’re looking for in only 9 minutes a day. That’s right, in only 9 minutes a day.

That’s right. No expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, and hours in the gym.

Why A Special Forces Workout?

  • These people are known for their hard core fitness routines and they always get results
  • Special Forces programs are designed to turn the average person into a full fledged fitness specimen

But what if that’s what you want to be super fast paced, but you might not be able to do it right away.

No problem.

Do what you can and work up to the pounding pace that will give you the results that you’re looking for.

You’re moving in the right direction just by getting started with the 9 Minute Workout.

You Will Benefit From The 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training Workout Right Away In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Office, Without Any Costly Equipment, In As little As 9 Minutes A Day, No Matter What Shape You’re In Right Now

The 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training Workout was designed by a Major in the U.S. Special Forces, specifically for his men while on mission in the jungles and mountains of Central America to keep them at peak levels of fitness.

I also used this program to get healthy and fit again after my Total Hip Replacement Surgery in November of 2005. Here’s the really exciting part. You can get this workout for yourself and you don’t have to be a Special Forces Super Trooper.

I’m going to be up front with you. It’s tough to know if the person or the fitness training program that you are looking at on the Internet is the Real Deal. There are a lot of people making a lot of claims. How do you know which ones are true and which ones aren’t?

Here’s some straight talk from someone who knows the difference between real and fake fitness and things that really work. Listen to what World Champion Martial Artist, Collegiate National Wrestling Champion, and Fitness Expert Matt Furey has to say about the 9 Minute Workout… (he sent this out to his entire mailing list in December of 2008).

You might be thinking, “Ok, so Matt Furey likes the workout, but he’s a tough guy. What about me?”

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Here’s what others who were looking for some of the same great results that you are have said about this easy to use, get results fast program

A Little More To Think About.

I’ve owned and operated bricks and mortar martial arts schools in Wisconsin for over 30 years. I’ve also taken the Combat Endurance Training Program and created a business that has been up and running and continuing to grow for over 4 years. Over this time my programs have helped thousands of people get to new and exciting levels of health and fitness. It’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. Now I’d like to help you.

What I can show you is the real deal that will get you real results QUICKLY.

Let’s get back to The Secret about this military workout.

This program actually contains many secrets that will take your health and fitness to another level if you use it consistently. The 9 Minute System was developed for an elite Special Forces unit. It was brand new then and the results were indeed top secret.

Now it’s available to you and I’m going to show you these same proven, results-generating secrets that will get an excellent outcome for you. Even though these results may sound simple, if not done correctly, it just won’t work as well.

Remember, many times it’s simple things done exceptionally well that give record breaking results. You’re going to find out now these secrets are on the downloadable video that I’m going to include in your package. So let’s get started.


Here is what you get with your purchase of the 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training System:
Downloadable 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training Video ($27 Value)

Get immediate access to the 9 Minute Workout. Start your workout as soon as you push the order button. No waiting for your hard copy. You can get started minutes from now!

  • Immediate access to the 9 Minute Workout so you can get started minutes from now
  • No DVD player required
  • Watch the 9 Minute Workout on your computer or mobile device. Great if you are traveling.

Downloadable 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training Audio MP3 File($27 Value)

  • Now you can take your 9 Minute workout with you anywhere you go
  • Plug it into your ipod (or any MP3 player) and take it to the park or on vacation
  • Always have this high energy little bag of lightning with you wherever you go


The 9 Minute Downloadable eBook ($27 Value)


  • Pictures and important text – Guaranteed Results
  • Instructions for correct exercise technique to give you outstanding results
  • Printable and portable

The Secret Explained | Downloadable Video ($10 Value)

9 Minute Workout | The Secret Explained

  • Why these exercises were chosen
  • Proper order of execution
  • Necessary repetition for best results
  • How to breathe correctly
  • Effective Pace


The 9 Minute laminated workout card ($9 Value)

  • This is your take it with you anywhere reminder of the exercises, correct order, and amount of repetition
  • Watch as your strength, health and fitness continue to reach new and exciting levels
  • Don’t leave home without it

If you’re (still) struggling with trying to gain better health… and want a proven, practical, paint-by-numbers system to quickly overcome everything that’s holding you back from the body you truly deserve…then you’re about to discover how you, too, can re-build your body in record time… even if you can’t bend over and touch your toes! (NO previous workout experience necessary.)

Finally, you can kiss your weight losing problems goodbye… take the risk out of fad diets… look and feel years younger… when you take advantage of these simple body weight exercise shortcut secrets you won’t find anywhere else. (Warning: this is NOT a typical exercise course.)

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me To Say Goodbye To Excess Weight & Inches, And Hello To a Tone And Fit Body?

Alright. So what’s this whole package going to cost you? Truth is, the cost is downright peanuts when you consider the outstanding results you will get when you use this program.

If you were to buy the individual pieces of the program you would pay $100 but that’s not what I’m going to charge you. I’m not even going to ask for $87. Let’s make sure that this is a no brainer price wise so that when you buy and give yourself a chance to get the ridiculous results that I know you will get you will say that this is the single best thing that you ever done for yourself.

  • 9 Minute Workout Downloadable Videos to get your started minutes from now ($27.00)
  • 9 Minute Workout eBook ($27.00)
  • Laminated workout card (quick and easy reference to the workout exercises) ($9.00)
  • The Secret Explained with breathing and pace techniques ($10.00)
  • MP3 version of the 9 Minute Workout ($27.00)
  • Ability to share the workout with a friend (Accountability and Support)
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (Peace of Mind)

Your price for all of this is not $100 or $87, but only:


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m offering you my unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. Start doing the workout as soon as you get it and see for yourself what a wise choice you have made. If for any reason you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll happily refund you your full price of purchase. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose by trying our program (except excess pounds and inches).

I’m giving you the chance NOW to move ahead of your pain and fears, with a once in a lifetime chance to re-build your body and renew your health–you can flip the switch and start re-building your body just seconds from now or you can Wait… and Wait… and Wait and continue to be frustrated with your fitness results or you can do the right thing… Order and grab your copy of The 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training Workout today!

Say YES to more strength, more health, better fitness, increased energy level, and a happier more vibrant you. Decide now. Give yourself permission to feel the fantastic and real life changing benefits of the 9 Minute Combat Endurance Training System

Think about it this way, for only $9 you get a $100 fitness library worth of valuable products – RISK-FREE – and in addition, you get quick, easy and lasting solutions to your health and fitness challenges. How can you go wrong? You just can’t, order right now…

To Your VERY BEST Health!



Fred Nicklaus
Combat Endurance Coach

P.S. A Fitter, Trimmer, Stronger You. What’s not to like? Nine minutes of your day for proven, real results.